Mommas, Milestones, and Mental Health: A Guest Spot by Jennifer Kravitz

November 06, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

"I make milk. What's your superpower?"


This blog is going to be a little different than usual! I'm handing it over to Jen, who is one of my clients and friends! During our last session, we captured her son's 6 month milk bath, as well as their 6 month breast feeding milestone. Conversation started and we decided that it would be awesome for Jen to share her story with viewers and other mommas out there! So without further ado, take a look at their session and read Jen's story, you won't regret it!



This photo shoot started off as fun way to capture Jr’s 6 month breastfeeding milestone. A milestone that I hold near and dear to my heart. Not only do I celebrate 6 months exclusively breastfeeding my last baby but I also get to celebrate 6 months post-partum without the use of bipolar medication. Breastfeeding has been my lifesaver as it acts as my natural mood stabilizer and helps deliver the endorphins that my brain and body craves.

I was diagnosed at the age of 19 with Bipolar 1 along with rapid cycling after the birth of my first son.  I have struggled with balancing everyday life challenges such as being a stay at home mother to 3, a mother who has 2 children on the spectrum, a wife, a daughter, and many other roles.

 I have been on numerous medications since my diagnoses with the exceptions of when I was pregnant or breastfeeding. I can honestly say that breastfeeding has allowed me to be happy, healthy and medication free along with allowing me to become a confident woman and mother.

Motherhood brings on a lot of changes both mentally and physically.  I am a huge advocate for nursing in public as nursing in public has made me more comfortable with my own body. The focus shifts from worrying about how I look to providing nourishment and comfort to my child no matter where i am or who sees me. Society puts a lot of pressure on us as mothers and woman to be perfect.

Every “fat roll”, every stretch mark, This body made 3 beautiful children. Even though I am not “skinny” , I have never felt more beautiful or more myself then I do now. I can honestly say I love myself. I love every inch of myself. Those stretch marks that you think are ugly, well those are my battle wounds from bringing precious life into this world.

Those “fat rolls” that society portrays as disgusting, well that skin protected and was my babies home for 9 months.

Those “saggy boobs”, that aren’t perky anymore, well those have fed and brought nutrition and health to my babies.

I will NEVER let society tell me I am not beautiful. I will NEVER be ashamed of the body that did its job by creating, protecting and bringing life to my 3 beautiful babies.

No matter if you breastfeed or formula feed, weather your married or single, weather you birthed a child or adopted, weather you suffer from mental illness or have struggled somewhere within your life.... we are all mothers who are doing their best to provide our children with love and support.  I hope my honesty and vulnerability in this post will help others to become more confident within themselves and be more supportive to one another.


If you struggle, please know you are not alone. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️



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